Independent Living Shouldn't Be Isolating

Look into our companionship care services in the Henderson, TX area

Connecting with people is vital for our well-being, but some senior citizens find it difficult to make friends. To give clients peace of mind, Across the Board Home Healthcare provides a private companion for elderly patients in Henderson, TX and surrounding areas. We offer affordable companionship care services.

We'll encourage your loved one to maintain friendships by...

  • Writing letters
  • Planning social visits
  • Chatting with neighbors while out and about

We can provide transportation and supervise activities like walking around the neighborhood. Call 903-889-2025 now to get a private companion for your elderly loved one.

Is your loved one tired of mindless entertainment?

We'll entertain your loved one by reading books and playing games with them. You and your loved one will be glad you turned to us for companionship care services.

Contact us today to meet your love one's dedicated companion in Henderson, TX.